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Delivery from the United Kingdom

Имеем собственных агентов
Срок доставки - авиа от 1 дня, море - от 35 дней
Доставляем от 50 кг до 250 тонн и более
Доставляем морским и авиатранспортом, работаем со сборными и негабаритными грузами
Предоставляем комплекс услуг по доставке из Китая - оформление груза в Китае, консолидацию, доставку, экспедирование в портах и аэропортах, таможенное оформление
15 лет опыта работы в логистике, команда профессионалов
Персональный клиент-менеджер, индивидуальный подход
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Delivery from the UK with Profi Cargo Service

United Kingdom - one of the leading countries in Europe. Transportation from the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) are possible due to the presence of our agent companies who are in this country. A wide network of agents and the location of our head office in London far-the-well help us to provide a full range of European level services related to the delivery of your goods from England and the UK as a whole. If you order from UK delivery service in our company, you get a full range of services, which includes among other things:

  • negotiations with suppliers and legal examination of the contract for the supply of goods and further signing;
  • development of optimal delivery route;
  • cargo insurance;
  • execution of all required documents;
  • customs clearance;
  • delivery directly to the customer;
  • delivery on our company as your importer and providing all documents and certificates for trade in Ukraine.

Delivery from the UK: how we can arrange it

To deliver the goods from the UK used the following: road, sea and air transport. The major part of the goods from the UK delivered by road. Some part of the cargo transported by air. Our company provides elaborated routes and delivery options that will reduce the cost of time and resources:

  • Cargo delivery by road allows delivering the goods direct to your door within a week.
  • If you have enough time to wait for delivery of the goods - we offer a save and deliver your goods by sea. Often it is the most advantageous delivery option by price.
  • If you are primarily concerned with the speed of delivery - we offer delivery by air. We will provide fast clearance and efficient airfreight.

If you are not sure what delivery option to choose, please contact our experts and they help you to choose the most optimal route and delivery option, given the specificity of your cargo and terms.